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Water Problems

The Need for Total Water Management
In industrial and commercial installations, water plays a major part in the manufacture of goods and control of our environment. Equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, water distribution and waste water systems, must be maintained to assure long life, as well as safe and efficient operation. Proper Total Water Management is a part of required maintenance practices.

Problems With Water
Naturally occurring impurities in water can cause equipment to be subject to fouling, scale formation, corrosion or rusting, and growth of microorganisms. Left uncontrolled, any of these conditions will cause a loss of system capacity, reduced energy efficiency and shortened equipment life. If a process heating, cooling or waste water system fails, often the entire plant or facility must shut down and suffer the economic consequences. Lack of attention to water-related problems is often the cause for failures that cost time, money, production and aggravation.

Solving Water Problems
Using chemicals and related mechanical means to control water related problems is part of Total Water Management. Chemical treatment as a part of water management provides the means to control these problems, extend equipment life, conserve water, and operate systems at peak efficiency. Through effective water management, industries can achieve maximum return on investments by extending equipment life, increasing efficiency and preventing costly repairs as well as down time.

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