About AmSolv

Amsolv manufactures a comprehensive line of Industrial Supply, Process, Boiler, Cooling and Waste Water Treatment technologies. These products are supplied to commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial users by Water Treatment Sales and Service companies. The AmSolv line is designed to deliver the technology required to maximize equipment life and efficiency at the greatest total value available.

AmSolv provides a complete international brand named package of products. These products provide user facilities with a ready-made high quality program available only through the resources of a substantial technology, manufacturing and marketing organization. These resources can be effectively used to maintain your systems' peak efficiency at the lowest total cost for today's most advanced technologies.

Dealer Network
Our products and technology are available to industrial and commercial end users solely through AmSolv Dealer companies, who are highly trained and experienced Industrial Water Treatment Sales and Service organizations. AmSolv is unique in the Water Treatment Industry as a high quality brand name technology, sales and service program distributed globally through this network of locally owned and operated Dealers.

Superior Service
AmSolv products are shipped from local AmSolv Dealer warehouses, or directly from AmSolv production facilities in a variety of convenient package size and configurations, including bulk tanks.

Competitive Advantages
We enjoy many competitive advantages to support a cost-effective approach to water systems treatment. These include:

  • Manufacturing efficiencies through volume plant production
  • Cost reductions through volume packaging and material purchasing
  • International negotiated volume freight and delivery rates
  • Logistical efficiencies from multiple location distribution, including local Dealer warehousing

Delivery is FOB user facility via common carrier for minimum orders within the continental United States. Every order is bid out for freight. This ensures the best possible rate. Order-to-shipment service time is within 5 business days for stock AmSolv products. Custom product formulation development and production are available in 220-gallon minimum order volumes. Shipment service times are within 10 business days (conditional upon delivery of non-standard raw material inventory).

Value-added Services
AmSolv is not only an industrial water treatment and specialty chemical development, manufacturing and marketing company, but along with our Dealers we offer value-added services including:

  • National and International Account Management Capability
  • International brand name products
  • US Government Regulatory affairs support and product certificates
  • Custom product development
  • US EPA registered microbicides
  • Analytical, formulation, application and laboratory technical support
  • Product and application technical manuals and literature
  • Field and classroom application, service, and technical training
  • Manufacturer's product liability insurance
  • Shipments to end user facilities in convenient and disposable packaging, or bulk tankers
  • Regional factory technical representatives
  • Hot-line support for lab chemists and application specialists

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