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AmSolv's experience and resources have been applied to the development of new, high performance water treatment products and technologies. Maximum performance and reliability is achieved in producing products to exact specifications.

Standard Products

Base Product Number Product Description  
Boiler Water Treatment Products
WB122K AMGUARD 122K Prevents scaling and corrosion of both iron and copper.
Steam Boiler "One Drum" Treatment - AmGuard Series
WB121K AMGUARD 121K Controls corrosion, scale, and disperses iron and other foulants.
WB131K AMGUARD 131K Controls corrosion, scale, and disperses iron and other foulants.
Boiler Water Scale Control - AmGuard Series
WB4250 AMGUARD 4250 A special blend of complex phosphates and polymeric scale dispersants for feedwater hardness under 10 ppm.
WB4350 AMGUARD 4350 Very effective in controlling calcium carbonate scale and dispersing iron and other foulants .
Boiler Water Sludge Control and Online Descaling - AmSperce Series
WB5320 AMGUARD 5320 Polymeric scale control, also effective in removing and dispersing iron, calcium and other scales and foulants.
Steam and Condensate Line Corrosion Control - AmSteam Series
WB6620 AMSTEAM 6620 Special amine systems effective in neutralizing corrosive carbonic acid in steam and condensate lines.
Boiler Water Oxygen Scavenger - AmGuard Series, Sulfite
WB7815 AMBUARD 7815 Catalyzed sulfite to effectively remove dissolved oxygen from industrial boiler and process waters.
Boiler Water Alkalinity Booster - AmGuard Series
WB8150 AMGUARD 8150 Increases boiler water pH and alkalinity levels.
Cooling/Process Water Scale and Corrosion Control
Closed Loop Treatment - AmTreat Series
WC084K AMTREAT 084K Nitrite / borate corrosion inhibitor system.
Cooling Water Scale/Corrosion Control - AmTreat Series
WC1250 AMTREAT 1250 Premium scale and corrosion control technology for a broad range of open cooling water systems.
WC1208 AMTREAT 1208  
WC1210 AMTREAT 1210 Super concentrated, dilutable products for large, multi-tower systems.
WC1220 AMTREAT 1220  
WC1225 AMTREAT 1225  
WC1230 AMTREAT 1230  
WC1250 AMTREAT 1250 Premium scale and corrosion control technology for a broad range of open cooling water systems.
Cooling Water Alkalinity Control - AmTreat Series
WC2215 AMTREAT 2215 Concentrated acidic inhibitor effective with highly alkaline and scaling make-up water.
WC2225 AMTREAT 2225  
Cooling Water Corrosion Control - AmTreat Series
WC3511 AMTREAT 3511 Concentrated molybdate corrosion inhibitor.
WC3512 AMTREAT 3512 Concentrated zinc corrosion inhibitor.
Cooling Water Dispersants/Fouling Control - AmTreat Series
WC4305 AMSPERSE 4305 "Terpolymer" dispersant for iron, calcium phosphate, calcium and suspended solids.
Descalers - AmSolv Series
WC6100 AMSOLV 6100 Active combination of alkalies, inhibitors, dispersants and passivating agents to neutralize pH for disposal, and prevent rusting.
WC691K AMSOLV 691K  
WC6920 AMSOLV 6920 Each gallon will effectively dissolve three pounds of lime scale to restore efficiency, reduce power consumption and extend equipment life.
Defoamers/Cleaners - AmSolv Series
WC7505 AMSOLV 7505 Non-hazardous organo-silicone emulsion to control foaming.
WC9350 AMSOLV 9350 Concentrated organic system cleaner and inhibitor to clean and passivate cooling and heating water systems.
Water and Waste Water Treatment Products
Coagulants/Primary Flocculants
WW04000055 AmFloc 0400, 55 Gallon Drum Primary inorganic coagulant.
Biological Treatment - AmZyme Series
WW6602 AmZyme 6602 Liquid biological treatment.
Microbial Control
WM5708 Busan 77 60% (Amcide 5708 15%) EPA registered "poly-quat" microbicides, low toxicity.
WM5711 Busan 85 50% (Amcide 5711 12.5%) Single "carbamate" antimicrobial product with low odor.
WM58030050 AmBrom Tabs, 50 Lb. Pail  
WM5815 Buckman DIALD 15%,  
WM5810 Dow Sump Buddy (AmCide 5810), 11 Lb. Pail  
WM58380055 Dow, Antimicrobial 8536, 55 Ga. Drum, (533 lb Drum)  
WM5809 WM580800015 Sodium Hypochlorite  

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