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Water Problems

The Need for Total Water Management
In industrial and commercial installations, water plays a major part in the manufacture of goods and control of our environment. Equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, water distribution and waste water systems, must be maintained to assure long life, as well as safe and efficient operation. Proper Total Water Management is a part of required maintenance practices.

Economic Impact
Properly applied, Total Water Management costs a facility nothing. Money spent for products and services are repaid through reductions in energy costs and improvements in system efficiency, as the charts below demonstrate. When the benefits are calculated, the financial return on Total Water Management investments is outstanding!

Chiller Efficiency Losses
Excess power used due to scaling
Extra dollars/year (Thousands) per 1,000 tons cooling

                                  Efficiency Losses
Scale thickness, inches  Electrical cost at $0.09/KW Hour

Boiler Fuel Efficiency Losses
Excess fuel used due to scaling

                                  Fuel Efficiency Losses
Thickness of scale on tubes, inches

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