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AmSperse 4303  ||  AmGuard 5320

AmSperse 4303
Industrial Water Treatment Compound
Polymer Dispersant for Silica Deposition Control

AmSperse™ 4303 provides highly effective control of a broad range of troublesome silica based deposits. It is designed for use in a wide range of industrial recirculating cooling water, boiler and process waters including filtration and reverse osmosis. In addition to inhibiting and removing silicate deposits AmSperse™ 4303 is an excellent general dispersant for suspended solids, sludge, mud, and other contamination that normally must be manually washed out of the system.

AmSperse™ 4303 is an all organic polymer dispersant. It boosts the performance of scale and corrosion inhibitors and biocides. It provides highly effective dispersion of organic and inorganic foulants, sludge and other system contamination. AmSperse™ 4303 works synergistically with other treatment products, thus increasing effectiveness. This increases the efficiency and performance of equipment. Total operation costs are reduced.

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AmGuard 5320
Industrial Water Treatment Compound
Polymeric Boiler Water Scale Inhibitor

AmGuard™ 5320 is a concentrated “polymer cycle” scale inhibitor treatment system for steam boilers. It is designed to provide protection from scaling in all types of steam boilers operating at pressures up to 850 psig where feedwater hardness is low or high.

AmGuard™ 5320 is a proprietary “polymer cycle” scale inhibitor for boilers. It is very effective in controlling boiler scaling and fouling. It can also provide “on line” clean up of carbonate and phosphate scale, iron and other mineral deposits in the boiler drum, tubes and heat exchanger surfaces.

AmGuard™ 5320 is a special blend of organic dispersants, polymers and crystal modifiers. With proper usage, it will inhibit scale formation by modifying and dispersing undesirable metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron and copper, thereby preventing their deposition. It offers greater flexibility in application and dosage when compared to a phosphate or chelant cycle treatment program. AmGuard™ 5320 offers outstanding “on line” clean up performance when used alone, or with phosphate, carbonate or “chelant cycle” treatment programs.

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