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AmFire 9050  ||  AmFire 9055

AmFire 9050
Fuel Oil Conditioner & Combustion Catalyst

AmFire™ 9050 is an all-organic, multi-functional fuel oil additive. It prevents sludge and deposit buildup in storage tanks and on burner tips, and minimizes corrosion in tanks and lines. AmFire™ 9050 reduces deposits in heaters, increases combustion of impurities at lower temperatures and increases overall combustion efficiency.

IN PREBURNER SYSTEMS: Prevents the accumulation of sludge, sediment and water in storage tanks. Inhibits the corrosion of fuel oil storage tanks. Improves viscosity. Keeps fuel system free of sludge, varnish and rust. Prevents deposits of sludge and rust in heaters. Prevents plugging of strainers, burner tips, and nozzles.

IN FIRESIDE SYSTEMS: Catalyzes combustion. Reduces the need for excess air. Prevents slag formation and fouling of superheater and reheater. Protects against high temperature and cold end corrosion. Minimizes SO 3 formation. Reduces stack emissions and soot deposits. Retards formation of vanadium slag. Increases thermal efficiency of boilers. Reduces soot and carbon deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

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AmFire 9055

AmFire™ 9055 Diesel Fuel Improver with OTK7 is a multifunctional additive for diesel fuels that are used in turbine and internal combustion engines. It is used to resist system sludging and to maintain distillate fuels in a stabilized condition. This eliminates a multitude of problems in the storage, transportation, and combustion of distillate (diesel) fuels.

Fuel stability is becoming a pressing problem as the practice of blending fuels from different sources becomes more widespread. Blending certain distillates can accelerate fuel oil degradation, which is the depolymerization and breakdown of hydrocarbons. This results in sludge formation, color deterioration, and disagreeable odor.

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